Musing Mondays #2

Musing Mondays is hosted by Should Be Reading. I’m going to talk about a variety of things today.

The Radical Read-along of Unearthly starts THIS THURSDAY! We need more readers, so please sign up and join us. You don’t have to be reading it for the first time. Laura is even giving away two e-copies of Unearthly, so if you don’t have it, you can try to win one of those.

The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge turned into a 10 day challenge for me because I ended up not wanting to answer the last five questions. Quickly, I hate to keep using the “but I’m new!” excuse, but I don’t have enough posts yet to have five that I consider the best (day 11). The same goes for blogger fatigue (day 12). If I have blogger fatigue at this stage, blogging isn’t for me and I should just give up. I don’t believe there is any one underappreciated book that everyone should read (day 13). Everyone likes different things in books. I’m probably going to go around and check the answers for this one, just to see if I find anything new I’m interested in, but I bet that half the books are going to be ones I wouldn’t touch for one reason or another. I’m ornery like that. Dealbreakers (day 14) are a hard one. I can’t think of anything right now that would make me say, “no way!” Really boring books that go on way too long about those stupid planes, I suppose. I am confident that I will never attempt to read another one of those. And blogging mentors (day 15), I don’t really have any. As I mentioned, I’m making things up as I go. I see things that I like (memes, tips, etc.), but I don’t have anyone helping me along or advising me. I’m just…here.

There, I guess I did finish off the challenge after all.

I’m trying to get myself on a posting schedule so I don’t let memes take over the blog again. I bought a school planner at Target last week. I know it’s going to go on sale for back-to-school and I should have waited, but when I get an idea into my head like that, I can’t wait. Anyway, I love it and it was worth paying full price. I love being organized.

My schedule is going to be something like this:

Monday – Review/Musing Mondays

Tuesday – Top Ten Tuesday

Wednesday – Waiting on Wednesday

Thursday – Review

Friday – Feature & Follow

Saturday/Sunday – Review on my Girls of Canby Hall blog/day off

I’m not going to say I’ll strictly follow that, because some weeks I find that I don’t have an answer for the meme of the day or I might be too busy (reading or otherwise). I think that’s a good rough schedule, though, and it should give me at least two reviews a week here and one on my other blog, plus a day off. Unfortunately I doubt I’ll have a review up today. I finished a book last night but had to go to bed right after I was done.

I’m seriously considering moving to WordPress on my own domain. I’m holding off for two reasons. One is to make sure I want to stick with book blogging. I think I do, and moving would be soooo much easier now with fewer posts, but I’m going to wait a little longer. Also, we have had and are facing some large expenses: we just bought a new stove and my husband might have some car repairs coming up.