15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day One

I’m a day late getting started on this, but that’s okay. I was away over the weekend and I’m still getting back into things online. It’s a good thing I’m on vacation from work this week, otherwise I’d never catch up.

This 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge is hosted by Good Books and Good Wine.

Day One: Make 15 book-related confessions

Fifteen is a lot!

01. I don’t sit down just to read very often. I get most of my reading time in during commericals when I’m watching TV or at work when I’m eating lunch.

02. I’m usually reading at least three books at a time. I have different books for different areas of my house, plus my Kindle and sometimes an audiobook on my iPod.

03. I don’t really understand the claim of people who won’t read ebooks because they love the smell of physical books. Unless they’re old and musty (which is a nice smell), they smell like…paper. That’s it.

04. I love old books, by the way. I have a nice collection of children’s and teen books from the 50s and 60s.

05. I also still have most of the series books I loved as a child. My sisters read them and then they ended up in my mom’s attic. I’ve slowly been moving them to my house.

06. I haven’t been to a library in years. There’s a library within two miles of my house, but the library my taxes support is fifteen or so miles in a direction I never go. The one time I was in that town and looked for the library, it looked like it was in an old house.

07. I feel like people who read literary fiction are judging me for what I read. I don’t really care what they think, but I judge them to be literary snobs.

08. I read in strange order. I never realized that most other people don’t read this way until I mentioned it to someone and she had no idea what I was talking about. Picture an open book, with two pages. Let’s call them page 2 and page 3, because the first page of most books is on the right and the page on the left is blank. So page 2 is on the left and page 3 is on the right. I read them both at the same time. I take in everything at once and I don’t read them in order starting at the top of page 2. I might read the bottom of page 3 and then the top of page 2, the top of page 3 and finish up with the bottom of page 2. Or any order, it varies. My brain puts it all together in the right order. I read a book on speed reading as a kid and I don’t remember if that’s what the book taught me to do. All I know is that’s how I read and I read faster than average, so it works for me. You would think it would take me twice as long to get through the two pages that way, but it doesn’t.

09. If there’s an animal in a book, I have to skim through and make sure the animal is still alive at the end of the book. If it’s not, I usually stop reading right there.

10. I have never met an author (or any other celebrity) and I don’t care if I ever do.

11. I have two FULL bookcases of TBR books. When I say full, I mean there are four shelves on each bookcase and each shelf has two rows of books, one in front of the other, and more books piled horizontally on top of those. It’s really not pretty. Also, my tastes have changes since I acquired most of the books so I probably won’t even read half of them. I really need to go through and get rid of the ones I’ll never read.

12. I also have probably 300 TBR ebooks. It’s a sickness, it really is.

13. Even when the author gives detailed descriptions, I have no idea what most characters look like. I skip over those parts. Remember when some people were shocked that Rue from The Hunger Games was black when the movie came out? She could have been green and purple for all I knew. I knew nothing about her physically except that she was small. I’m surprised I didn’t miss the detail of Harry Potter’s lightning bolt scar.

14. I liked Twilight (and New Moon and Eclipse but not so much Breaking Dawn). It annoys me how many people liked the books, or at least the first ones, until they realized how ~trendy it was to bash them. I’m not talking about people who never liked them, just the ones who turned on them because all their friends hated them. And I’m not talking about 12-year-old girls, who you would expect to behave that way, here.

15. I almost always prefer to read books by female authors and books with female main charcters. Lately, though, I’ve read several good books written by men that have a male main character.


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