15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Days Nine and Ten

This 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is hosted by Good Books and Good Wine.

Why Do You Blog About Books?

I’ve been on Livejournal for…12 years (and one month!) now. TWELVE YEARS. It’s hard to believe it. That place has changed a lot. Friends and fandoms have come and gone. (I’ve been both active and a lurker in many, many TV fandoms over the years.) I only have a handful — maybe five — of active posters on my friends list (aka the flist) these days. The rest of them are dead journals. Some of the communities I follow are still active, but it can be lonely there. I’ve talked with a couple of people from my flist about this, and they’ve noticed the same thing. Fandom is mostly on tumblr now and individuals seem to congregate on Twitter or Facebook. I had to join Twitter just to keep in contact with my friends. I miss the old, active, thriving LJ, but what can you do?

So I decided to try something new and wanted to meet new people. But what would I blog about? Well, there’s always TV, but I don’t think there’s really an active TV blogging community. Active is the key word here. I could post about TV on LJ if I wanted to talk to myself. (And I do.) I tried tumblr, but I don’t care for their format for fandom. The interaction isn’t there. It’s confusing and disorganized and mainly just reblogging people’s stuff over and over.

What do I love as much as I love TV? Books! How convenient that there’s an active community of people who love books — and who even love the same types of books — as much as I do. I pretty much just jumped in and started blogging. I’m making it up as I go along. I had seen people’s links to their blogs on Goodreads reviews, but I didn’t know how extensive the community is.

How do you choose what book to read next?

It varies. If I have books from NetGalley, I try to read them first. Sometimes that works out and sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t want to request much there at one time because I don’t want to get overwhelmed. I also always have my reading challenges in the back of my mind. I’m falling behind in my debut author challenge again. July’s book isn’t out yet, but I haven’t read June’s yet either. I’ve also slacked off a little on the 50 States Challenge and I’ve barely made any progress on the quarterly challenge, so I need to work on those after I finish the books I’m currently reading.