15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day Six

This 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is hosted by Good Books and Good Wine.

Describe how you shop for books.

I rarely go to real bookstores. I don’t know of any indie bookstores in my area and of course Borders is no more. We do still have a Barnes & Noble. I usually stop in there when I’m doing my Christmas shopping, and maybe I’ll go again after Christmas if I happened to get a gift card that year. It’s changed a lot though. The last time I checked the YA section at B&N, it was pretty much sad. It seemed so small and I’d already read a lot of the books that looked interesting. There’s more focus on “other stuff” besides books: toys and, well, junk, plus the Nook. I don’t have a Nook. I have a Kindle and don’t see the need for a second e-reader, although I might go with the Nook if I needed to replace my Kindle. Not sure on that though. I would need to do more research on it and I know where to go when that time comes.

Anyway, obviously that means I do most of my book shopping online. I usually buy from Amazon, mostly Kindle books, and Audible for audiobooks. A lot of my dead-tree books are used. I either get them from PaperbackSwap, yard sales, or used book sales. As I’m browsing Goodreads or different blogs, I add the ones I’m interested in to my Goodreads shelf so I won’t forget about them. If it’s something I must have right away, I’ll go over to Amazon and buy it. I’ve been adding A LOT more books since I started blogging, and I just can’t buy them all. Not enough money, not enough space. Some of them I’ll eventually pick up used and some of them I’ll probably never get to.

A pretty cover doesn’t attract me as much as it used to, probably because I know I’ll be reading on my Kindle and will only see the cover once, when I first start the book, and in black and white at that. When I’m browsing used books, I usually have a good idea of what authors I’m looking for, but I’m more likely to pick up a book by a new author I haven’t heard of if because the price is better.