Reading Challenges

  I’ve always read a lot, but this year I’ve really ramped it up because of some reading challenges I’m doing over at Goodreads. I joined a few YA groups, although I really only pay attention to one of them, and I’m participating in some of their challenges.

1. 50 States or Countries of YA Challenge: I first saw this idea on Epic Reads and decided to play along, but I wasn’t really interested in most of the books they had listed — or I’d already read them. It was when I was looking for books to fill my list that I ran into this Goodreads YA group and their challenge and joined the group.

Once I finish the 50 states I’m going to start tackling countries. I don’t know yet how many different countries I will try to read, but as I run across a book that sounds interesting, I add it to the list.

My list is here.

Current progress: 23/50

2. A-Z Challenge: I’m trying to stick to using the title of the book for each letter of the alphabet, but with some of those tricky letters that might not be possible.

My list is here.

Current progress: 14/26

3. Debut Author Challenge: This one is a challenge I’m doing on my own. I’m sure there are groups and sites doing the same thing, but I’m not a part of any. I’m reading one book from a new YA author each month. I’m a little behind because I didn’t like my February selection, abandoned it, and haven’t gone back to read a different one, but I’ll catch up soon.

I don’t have a Goodreads link for this Challenge, so I guess I’ll do a separate post here and then come back and link it.

Current progress: 4/12

4. Quarterly Challenge #10: This is the first time I’ve participated in a quarterly challenge. This one runs June 1 through August 31.

My list is here.

Current progress: 0/10

I have a few personal rules. The 50 States and A-Z are my main challenges. I’m allowing crossover between them but I’m trying to avoid it. For the Debut Author and Quarterly challenges I’m allowing crossover with any of the challenges. One book can potentially end up on three lists (and four if I absolutely have to use it.)

I’m having so much fun with my challenges that I’m already planning one or more personal challenges again next year. In addition to whatever I decide to do for the Goodreads group, I’m pretty sure I’ll do the Debut Author Challenge again, and I have an idea for another one too.


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